GenomeAsia 100K currently has active partners in India, Singapore, Korea and the United States of America. We are looking for sponsors and scientific collaborators in these countries as well as seeking partners to take a leadership role in other Asian countries including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Bhutan, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Korea, and Japan.

Founding Members

Contribute $10+M

First priority access to data/products/services First right of refusal for outsourced services Board membership


Contribute $1-5 M

Includes other genomic consortiums, academic institutions, hospitals, centers of excellence, and country chapters
Role can be determined based on interests of the affiliate

Research Partner

Proposes a research project with access to cohort of interest onduct their study or a joint project with GA100K members, using the data generated by GA100K Contributes relevant samples and additional data
Receive variant calling files of their samples from GA100K

Philanthropic Partner

Donation of $1+ M

Membership to Donor Advisory Council Early access to data sets of interest